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Car for sale?

You want to sell your classic car but don’t know how?
Or you do not want all the extra effort that it takes.
You want to enjoy your spare time and don’t want to put it in selling your car.

       Why not have us sell it for you?

Oldtimers Gilis has over 30 years of experience in buying and selling oldtimers and classic cars and we know our profession.

How does it all work:

  • You make an appointement with Oldtimers Gilis and offer your car clean and tidy at our shop.
    We can also collect your car at your home if necessary. We do charge a small fee for it.
  • Together we will make a technical specification document.
  • We make an arrangement about askingprice and commission and put it in an agreement.
  • The car will be stored at Oldtimers Gilis, located in Aarschot. But you remain the owner of the car untill it is sold.
  • Through our different channels we offer your car to potential buyers.
  • After the sale you get the amount that we agreed.
  • Oldtimers Gilis works with a certain level of quality. If your car doens’t meet the quality standard, we can always decide not to sell your car.


1961 Porsche 356 BT5